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Due to the popularity and high request of salon and spa services we do recommend booking in advance. The front desk can assist you in booking for your next appointment at the time of your service. Please note we allow you to book as far as six months out.

Therapeutic Facial

A facial designed for targeting your specific skin care needs and continuing maintenance. This treatment includes a thorough exfoliation, extractions, soothing treatment masque and moisture balance.
45 min.... $70

Classic European Facial

A customized skin care treatment combining the art of skin care with stress relief. This facial includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation and extractions followed by a relaxation massage of your shoulders, head, neck and specific pressure points. This treatment finishes with a nourishing masque, balance and hydration. Your skin will thank you for it.
60 min.... $85

Spargo's Signature Facial

An extended facial guaranteed to soothe your mind and body. This facial includes all the services of the classic European facial with added tension and stress relief. You'll sink deep into relaxation as your back and feet are treated to warm towels and hydration, your hands dipped into warm paraffin, and your eyes revived with a cooling eye massage, masque and firming gel. This one's a must.
90 min.... $115

Clear Complexion Facial

This treatment is the ultimate in acne management This Facial will focus on eliminating bacteria and clearing your skin with deep cleansing and exfoliation, followed by extractions, a medicated masque and oil free hydration.
60 min.... $85

Restorative Facial

An advanced skin care treatment designed to target sun damaged, prematurely aging, nature and fatigued skin. A potent blend of AHAs, peptides and antioxidants strengthen the skin and restore a healthy and radiant appearance.
60 min.... $100

Illumi-Layer Facial

This treatment noticeably lightens, tightens, and brightens dull/mature skin for a dramatic pick me up. The perfect special event facial.
45 min...$85

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Vitamin C Facial

Vitamin C is a wound healer, repairing fine lines, boosting collagen production, diminishing hyper-pigmentation and improving the skins elasticity. This Facial is great for all skin types but especially beneficial for those with more sensitive skin, rosacea or prenatal clients.
60 min.... $95

Cyto Luxe Facial

Utilizing the latest, most cutting edge skincare technology, gloTherapeutics has developed a product line that is great for all skin types, but especially beneficial for mature, aging or very dry skin.
60 min.... $110

Rapid Results Treatments

These 25 minute treatments target specific concerns
25 min.... $38

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Advanced Exfoliation Treatments


A safe and effective manual exfoliation that promotes a fresh and radiant complexion. It aids in the reduction of acne scarring, uneven pigmentation, and fine lines by removing dead surface cells as well as fine facial hair, which can leave skin looking dull.
* can be added onto a facial for only $40 (excluding Illumi-layer & restorative facial)

gloTHERAPEUTICS Chemical Exfoliation

Designed to stimulate and revitalize skin while improving fine lines, imperfections and discoloration. gloChemical Exfoliation Treatments provide customized programs for each individual to achieve subtle, gradual astonishing transformations.

Consultation.... free

A la carte.... $75
Series of three.... $225*
Series of five.... $375*
*Recommended to achieve maximum results. Purchase price Far the series of 3 includes a renew serum to be started prior to and during peels to enhance your results.
Valued at $43.
Purchase price For the series of 5 includes a renew serum and a SPF.
Valued at $79.


Cyto Luxe.... $25.00
Protect cells and encourage collagen production with these unique plant stem cell technology.

Dermaplaning.... $40.00
A safe and effective manual exfoliation that promotes a fresh and radiant complexion.

Retinol C Advanced Exfoliation.... $25
This professional exfoliant encourages skin sloughing to aid in revealing a more youthful, radiant complexion.

Vitamin C.... $15.00
Repair and protect sun-damaged skin, while transforming skin's clarity and reducing fine lines.

Revitalizing Eye Treatment.... $20.00
This eye rescue treatment restores your tired eyes, smoothing fine lines and reducing puffiness

Reflexology - 30 min.... $45

Royal Scalp Treatment
30 min.... $40
75 min.... $70 with blow dry and style

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