Frequently Asked Questions About Cupping

How does it feel?

Cupping has a soothing effect and many people find it very relaxing. After cupping treatments clients typically report feelings of relief, decreased muscle tension, and increased flexibility.

Is it painful?

A ‘pulling’ sensation is experienced rather than ‘pain’. Cupping suction is usually less painful than deep tissue compression used in traditional massage.

What are cupping marks?

The suction from the cups brings blood and fluids up towards the skin leaving a pink to purple circular mark.

What are bruises?

Bruising is a result of tears to the muscle after impact and painful to the touch due to inflammation of the injury. Cupping does NOT cause tearing or injury.

How long do cupping marks last?

Anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks

How long is the cupping session?

As an add-on service, your therapist will incorporate cups over the areas you are in need of relief along with hands on massage.

Who is this service recommended for?

It is ideal for athletes to aid in flexibility and range of motion. Also, for clients who are looking for muscle tension relief or deeper relaxation.

NOT recommended for:

  • Clients on blood thinners
  • Clients who are diabetic
  • Clients who are pregnant